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after dookudu our prince is soming with puri's bussinesman recently the unit had reasled the firstlook poster and teaser of bussines man ok in dookudu audiosongs played a key role in the movies sucess lets see some deatails of bussinesman audio songs mahesh suggested puri to keep thaman has music director for the bussines man b'coz thaman did a wonderfull job in dookudu . the bussines man has totally five songs all songs lyrics are written by

bhasakarbhatalla the title songs of the bussines man is bombay..bombay is a comined lyrics of telugu and hindi words 2songs will be shoot in mumbai and 2 songs ain bombay and 1 in other areas today 16-11-11 the songs of bussinesman had been completd siad by thaman the audio of the bussines man will be realse on december mid week and the movie will realse on jan 11-1-12 lets wait for another fantasatic from our "UNIVERSALL STAR MAHESH"
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