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As we all know that mahesh and purijagananth are joing hands after pokiri. after that blockbuster hit puri prepared a superb story and narrted to mahesh and  he named it as THE BUSSINES MAN yes now mahesh is done with dookudu only dubbing parti sto be done.mahesh promised that that he will do two flims for year for statsifaction of his fans while dookudu shoot is just over mahesh immediately started THEBUSSINESMAN without any gap the 1st schedule of the bussines man started at shamshabad airport untill 10 th of this month this schedlue will continue and afterfrom sep 11 to dec 25th the shhot will takes place at mumbai,hyderbad in nonstop days the producers are planning to realse this flim in wait guys wait for another blockbuster hit

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